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Start by drawing your pattern on the back of Snider's Paint Covering . Don't be afraid to make changes. Cut to desired shape and apply. If doing tank sides right will be left and visa versa. You can keep the paper backing to duplicate the other side.
Use a spray bottle to mist both Snider's Paint Covering vinyl and the area to be covered.
Don't be afraid to get it too wet.
Slide the piece into place and work the air bubbles from the center out, while firmly holding Snider's Paint Covering vinyl in place.
Use a soft cloth to help squeegee out the remaining bubbles. Not all of them can be removed. Don't worry, they will dissipate by themselves.
Snider's Paint Covering is now in place.
Notice how Snider's Paint Covering appears to be invisible. You won't even know it is there.
Snider's Paint Covering is ready to protect any painted surface. These include gas tanks, side panels, underneath tank bags, or any other painted surface. Your paint will be protected from grit, abrasions, or wear.
After a long ride you can peel off Snider's Paint Covering and re-use it. Make sure both sides are clean, roll it up and store it in a plastic bag until you need it again. Now you can cruise with ease; knowing that Snider's Paint Covering is protecting your motorcycle's beautiful finish. Enjoy the ride
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