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Snider's Paint Covering is a clear vinyl film that protects your finish. Perfect for under tankbags, saddlebags and gas tank sides. Place it anywhere you want the finish protected from grit or abrasion. Easy to use: Just draw a pattern on the back, cut to size, peel off Snider's Paint Covering vinyl film, and place wherever needed.

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No More Paint Scratches!

No Knees

No Bags

Not Without Protection!

~ Use Snider's Paint Coveringto Protect your Valuable Painted Finish ~
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Your product is absolutely outstanding.  When I purchased my 2003 Honda VFR800A Interceptor I wanted to make sure the tank paint did not get scratched or worn.  My dealer could only suggest a tank pad, but that was too gaudy, too small, a potential waxing nightmare, and did nothing to protect the paint from my tank bag.  Luckily they let me flip through their product manuals and I came across your product.  I ordered two packages and the rest is history.  I have the entire side, top, and front of my tank protected.  They stay on all the time as they are invisible.  I have never had an issue with them pealing back, even at freeway speeds.  The great thing is I can take them off every other moth to polish and wax the bike.  It has been over a year now and there is not a single scratch on my tank thanks to your product.  I have even dedicated a section of my modifications website to sing the praises of your product  Thanks again!