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   "I jumped at the chance to try out the Paint Covering product on my recent trip to Washington on my new Triumph. I put it on under my tank bag, on the gas tank sides, and on the rear tail section under my pack and tool kit. When I got there and took off my gear and saw the Paint Covering scratched and cloudy, I expected the worst. But when I peeled off the Paint Covering my finish was perfect, with not so much as a haze on the paint. I'm a believer."
   "I have used the Paint Coveringproduct for over a year on my Suzuki. The paint under my tank bag is perfect, thanks to Paint Covering. My wife even found a use for it on our white kitchen cabinet doors and drawers. Around the knobs they would get dirty. She cut out around the knobs, put it on like the directions said and now our expensive painted doors and drawers are protected from our little one's dirty hands. Thanks."
   I started using this on my Buell street touring bike several years ago. It had the most fantastic black paint that unfortunately would show any imperfection. I ordered some SOFT bags that guaranteed the fleece backing would not mar the paint. Well they were right -- it didn't -- but the road grit that got between the bags and the paint rubbed the paint like sand paper. This ruined the showroom finish on my Buell. I started using a clear vinyl film (Paint Covering) to protect my motorcycles.

   Soon my neighbors and friends wanted some for their motorcycles. After such a positive response for the product from them, I knew there were probably others who wanted to protect their motorcycle's paint. I then decided to start selling Snider's Paint Covering.

Steve Snider - Owner Snider's Products
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